Pancakes & Boobs

Let the good times roll

Let the good times roll

 Ever wondered how many times someone can say the word ‘pancake’ in one blog-post? You’re about to find out….

Pancake day back home was kind of a big thing – in my family at least. Pancakes for us were a treat, mum would stand over the frying pan flipping some sticky mess until she mastered it and we would cover them with sugar and lemon; but over here pancakes are good for any occasion and the day itself is replaced by Mardi Gras…what a leap! (BTW I made this frame as part of my next crafting swap mentioned here – bit of an improvement on the last one don’t you think?)

It wasn’t until yesterday that I researched the point of -or origin of- Mardi Gras -If a Google search and Wikipedia counts as research….

  •  In the United KingdomIrelandAustraliaNew Zealand and Canada, Shrove Tuesday is also commonly known as “Pancake Day” or “Pancake Tuesday” due to the tradition of eating pancakes on the day.

  • Catholic and Protestant countries (outside those mentioned above) traditionally call the day before Ash Wednesday “Fat Tuesday” or”Mardi Gras“. The name predated the Reformation and referred to the common Christian tradition of eating special rich foods before the fasting season of Lent. – Wikipedia

Basically they are both for the same thing…and that fact blows my mind a little. When I think of pancakes day…I think pancakes, lemon and pancake races; whereas Mardi Gras…. boobs, beads and a lot of noise. I mean yeah it sounds like a lot of fun but I must admit Jesus would be the last thing on my mind.

Would you like sausage with that?

Would you like sausage with that?

Aside from the massive differences in celebration there comes the act of eating pancakes in America… iHop – International House Of Pancakes.. this place had adverts for Christmas dinners everywhere I looked when we first got here. * cringe * each to their own I suppose. I had never been to one before so my husband ‘treated’ us for lunch one day… Admittedly the menu was ‘interesting’, pancakes – in different flavours -with a choice of side of course but also omlettes, salads, sandwiches and other non-pancakey things were available. The thing that got me were the combinations and choice of sides:

 “ Choose your favorite pancake flavor and we’ll bring you two! You’ll also enjoy two eggs, two bacon strips or pork sausage links, and our golden hash browns.”- IHOP

This isn’t the only example of strange food combinations – though I’ll leave those for another day – but here if I wanted I could have cinnamon apple pancakes with all of the above….and then I’m left thinking…if I’m eating pancakes for dinner do I really deserve a dessert?

I had heard of Americans having pancakes with bacon and syrup so I went for it. Plain pancakes arrived on one plate, eggs and bacon on another and hash browns on a third (the sausages were donated to my son) I covered the pancakes in syrup, tried a bit of each food individually and then combined it altogether in one forkful (thinking MERICA in my head). I was about to tuck in when I heard a gasp coming from across the table – I looked up to find my husband pulling a disgusted – almost ashamed -face and shaking his head slowly.

My kind of pancakes

My kind of pancakes

According to him that isn’t the ‘done thing’. The pancakes are a side dish and NOT to be eaten with the others… * confused * To be fair I ate the rest of my ‘meal’ combined and it tasted pretty good but the whole time I just kept wondering why they would bring me pancakes as a side if people don’t actually eat it all together? I wouldn’t order a side salad or a side of potato and eat it on its own, but then I wouldn’t order a side salad with soup either.

I don’t know, I can’t believe they would throw in some pancakes just because they can, I’m starting to think my husband is tricking me in order to keep me British lol – either that or he’s not really American. Anyway I think I’ll be sticking to having pancakes one day a year, MY pancakes made from scratch and in case you were wondering there were no boob-flashes this pancake day…maybe next year :)



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14 thoughts on “Pancakes & Boobs

  1. Ha ha ha. IHOP is definitely an experience all travelers to the US have to have at least once! I took my British in-laws there one time and the shock didn’t wear off for days…neither did the food :-P.

    I love pancakes of all kinds, American, British, or otherwise, and I can say with authority (not sure what that authority is, but I’m confident I have it) that pancakes are NEVER a side dish!! They are the star of the show ;-)

    • Ha ha :) good to know – American pancakes are just totally different to what I’m used to – I prefer thin, slightly greasy one to thick, dry ones any day ;) – I’m sure my husband prefers the American, especially as he was “too full” to want any more last week… He’s never too full… I sense a polite lie ha ha

  2. Oh come on! This is America land of the super size me. We’ll throw anything on a dish if we thing it will be appealing to someone. BTW, if you ever happen into an IHOP again, stick to the breakfast-y meals!

    • :) I will do – the sides are definitely super sized and strange… Sweet potato with cinnamon and sugar, mac and cheese (that’s a whole meal for me) and grits… Yup I was introduced to grits… Never again lol

  3. :lol: That’s so funny. I agree with your husband, but interestingly enough, I’ve never given it thought!

    • :) it tasted pretty good together to be honest – I’m not sure where I got the idea that Americans had pancakes with bacon and syrup – perhaps the side dish thing was lost in translation

  4. More transatlantic confusion to deal with! Lemon, sugar, (maybe jam), thin pancakes, eat until you burst. It was good enough for me, for most of my youth. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    I do like pancakes though, but the best I ever had were in Holland. They know what they’re doing in the Netherlands when it comes to pannekoeken Sophie…
    As ever, Pete. XX

    • Ha ha :) my all time favourites have to be REAL french crepes, not as greasy, not as dry, huge but thin and manageable – until they overload it with chocolate and then it’s just too much :)

  5. I’m a fan of Swedish pancakes frankly. IHOP has decent ones but I’m not a regular pancake eater. Hubby and the kid want them every Saturday for breakfast. To each their own – like ya said! :)

    • Definitely – same goes for French toast – I could eat that more often than pancakes – but then comes the sweet or savoury argument. Sweet for me please – savoury for the hubby which I find disgusting… But then comes the Yorkshire pudding, scone/biscuit and fried bread… Each to their own ha ha

  6. This post made me hungry!! And grateful that I now know how to eat pancakes correctly at IHOP without offending the locals ;) If I ever get to America one day I will remember this post!

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