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Snow Business

It snowed last night. Nothing to get too excited about, however being stuck in an almost empty house day in, day out for the past few weeks  it doesn’t take much to tempt us out into the world again…even a trip to pick up a washing machine part sounds about exhilarating as a bungee jump. Regardless of that, it seems that in this part of America 2 inches of snow is enough to close the schools early – before the clouds roll in.

This morning there was a light dusting on the street, not enough to do much with except grumble about how slippery the paths are… Unless of course you are my 5 year old son. He bounced around the living room as if he had just seen Santa – and possibly hijacked his sack of presents- excited to go out and play.

He fumbled with his little shoes, forgetting to play up his need (or want) for help as he usually does “is this the right foot mummy?” Within seconds he was out the door and giggling to himself, leaving me in the warmth of the house with the comfort of my coffee. I cringed and awaited the disappointed groan as he discovered that the snow was now melting from the grass and confined to the small wooden deck … But that groan didn’t come. Instead came squeals of delight as he playfully scooped up tiny handfuls and threw them in the air…. At the walls… At the windows.

As he played I sat looking out, watching him and drinking in the view. The snow seems different here compared to back home. It seems lighter, whiter and less … wet, which it probably is in terms of the climate here.., though maybe it’s possibly more to do with the rose-tinted glasses I’m still wearing.

Clumps of white stuck to his black gloves more than anything else. He chose to simply rub them on the windows to clean his gloves and cover the glass thus solving his dilemma. He peeked through at me with his unsure-but-this-is-fun-so-I’ll-see-if-I-can-get-away-with-it look and giggled when I raised my eyebrow and smiled back.

While smothering the panes he noticed a bird repeating its loud call; without stopping his snow-window-art he mimicked it, laughing and calling out even louder when the bird “replied” to his imitation. It was uplifting to watch him have so much fun in something which many of us wouldn’t have given a second look. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the simple beauty – and fun- in the world, to be made to stop and appreciate whats around us. Today’s coffee break did just that.

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4 thoughts on “Welcome Break

  1. The innocence of a child is something we soon leave behind us. It would be nice to be able to recapture that occasionally, but decades of cynicism, and raw deals, make it well nigh impossible, sadly.
    A nice story, and a welcome break from all our troubles.

    Hang on. Snow? In that part of the world? It’s not even snowing here, where it’s supposed to be cold. You took that East Anglian weather with you, just so you wouldn’t forget us, didn’t you…
    As ever, Pete. XX

    • It was lovely to watch, I just wish I had the energy (or ability to stay warm) to join in with him.
      Yup, I wanted to bring the uk weather with me lol except I think the move confused it a little and now it’s jumping from one extreme to the next. it was minus 9 degrees last week (but dry) and 23 degrees about 3 days later… Then 16 and now minus 2… It’s very strange how fast it changes… Forrest Gump style weather – you never know what you’re gonna get (unless you use the weather app of course) xx

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