Getty up time

It’s light outside….

The day is here…

That means….


I’m so excited to jump in bed with mummy, she’s always so warm to cuddle up to. I hope ‘he’s’ at work this morning so I can have her all to myself. I mean, I like him, he’s OK – and he does play tickle fights with me -which is fun- but when he’s here that means I have to share her and that’s not so fun.

I’d better grab my blankey too, another favourite of mine. Blankey + mummy = best cuddles ever! If she let me play on her iPhone a while that would make it even better!

red apple

Shiniest apple ever

I wish she would just wake up and make me breakfast the FIRST time I ask her instead of saying ‘in a minute, just one more minute’…but then if she’s really tired I can always get a yummy apple and sit up in her bed playing a little longer. I like it when that happens – I feel like a big boy and mummy seems happier when I wake her up gently rather than shouting in her face and jumping on her. Maybe if she went to sleep at bedtime she wouldn’t be so tired. She says she stays up because she likes some ‘mummy-time’ once I’m asleep. Apparently that means time by herself but I don’t understand because I let her have a bath by herself the other day and I only splashed her and pointed and laughed at her belly a few times. I even left loads of my toys in there for her to play with so I don’t see why that isn’t enough for her.

trash packs

So many Trash-Packs

I wouldn’t like ‘me time’. I like being with her ALL the time. The best thing is when I show her all my trash-pack toys and she tells me their names. We counted them before and I have more than 170 now. They don’t do anything but they’re bright colours and I still don’t have all of them so I’ll probably get some when we go to the shop again. Sometimes mummy says we won’t get any toys before we’ve even left the house – how unfair!– but then if I moan about it enough while she’s trying to find all her boring ‘good food’ I usually end up with SOMETHING for me in the trolley – even if it’s just sweets or something.

Why can’t I eat sweets and crisps all day anyway? She says it’s not good for me but they taste a lot better than these stupid veggies that she wants me to eat. She says they will help me see in the dark and stuff, or that they will make me big and strong but really she’s just tricking me because EVERYONE knows that the only way to get super powers is to get bitten by a spider or to drink bright green magic stuff or something. Anyway, she eats her veggies and she isn’t big or strong. She always tells me not to jump on her because he arms aren’t working… or her knee…or her fingers. I think she’s tricking me again because it’s always something different. She says she’s poorly but mummys don’t get sick. If she was sick she would stay in bed while her mummy came and looked after her- because that’s what happens when you’re not feeling well but not her, she gets up and moves around all day so I think she’s pretending. Silly mummy.

I think I’ll go and get another apple in a minute and then it’s REALLY getty up time.

Inspired by this weeks Writing Challenge – From the point of view of my little man

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15 thoughts on “Getty up time

  1. Very touching Sophie, and illustrating the short attention span of a child just right. I am glad you added a picture of ‘Trash Pack Toys’, as I had visions of toys made from re-cycled packaging! (you are a way from the shops)
    I hope the settling in continues to get easier, and it is beginning to feel like ‘home’,
    As ever, Pete. XX

    • ha ha the trash packs are almost just that Pete, they’re all based on critters/creatures/junk….or TRASH funnily enough with grim names like ‘grotty coffee’ and ‘vom-ster’

      We get our furniture monday so the ‘home feeling’ will hopefully arrive shortly after 😉 xx

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  3. Wonderful. 🙂

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  6. “I wouldn’t like ‘me time’. I like being with her ALL the time.” << Definitely a baby's thought. Loved it!

    • Yup, he’s 5 now and has always been my very own cling-on. I wonder if he will ever stop – though I’ve heard that you actually miss it once you regain the freedom :/ maybe I’ll just enjoy it for now 😉

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  10. Wow! What a wonderful coincidence! Great minds think alike I suppose. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Thank you for visiting 🙂 I don’t like linking on peoples blogs unless it’s relevant …and this one certainly was 😉 Great minds indeed ha ha

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