Anything that CAN go wrong….

We are finally in the new house! It’s been a crazy few weeks but we made it.

We moved by ourselves (only 5 minutes down the road but that doesn’t make lifting a sofa any easier) discovered an abandoned mouse nest behind the kitchen drawers -and evidence of them running all through the cupboards *shudder* and then the gas/heat ran out Sunday night. The world chose that moment to send a winter storm our way.

It's warmer in my freezer than in my house...

It’s warmer in my freezer than in my house…

We spent 4 days and nights with no school, no work and no heat; surrounded by boxes (have you ever tried unpacking wearing 7 layers of clothing??) and surviving on 2 tiny space heaters- not fun! We didn’t dare go out and play in it as the idea of getting warm again… Well it wasn’t really an option ha ha. At a few times it was actually warmer in my freezer than in our house … Again, not fun.

Just as the world started to thaw the gas man arrived and we got back in the swing of things… Until I received a phone call informing me that my husband was in hospital after slipping on ice. Worryingly he had slipped and remained on the ground for about 30 minutes face down in the grass unable to move :/ Luckily he came away with just bad bruising and very strong pain medication

BUT that means he’s been out of action for almost a week now. And of course the weather took another turn so little man has been off school too. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all got a bit of cabin fever now ha ha!

ANYWAY, despite everything I’ve managed to unpack everything and find a place for it. So far there is one room I’m completely happy with (and that’s because it’s the spare room so nothing is moved the minute I finish organising it)

It used to be hot pink and black but this time the curtains dictated which way I should go with it, opting for a more grown up and simple look rather than Barbies brothel. – BTW choosing curtains has been such a headache AND EXPENSIVE ha ha.

Toby approves of the spare room

Toby approves of the spare room

I love it! A friend sold me a black chair to go with it – I’m thinking it will do as somewhere to drape clothes until we have the means to get some real furniture but for now that, a laptop table and a huge “closet” should work just fine 🙂

As for the carpet…. (Ha ha!) it runs the entire length of the house – including the bathrooms!!! *yuck* but it will be going as soon as the weather warms up. It’s original hardwood underneath so that will be a project in itself.

As always I’ll leave with some other pics (no before and afters as it’s only the addition of furniture lol) but hopefully I’ll be back to show you another finished room sometime soon 🙂




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2 thoughts on “Anything that CAN go wrong….

  1. Good to hear that the move went so well, but a shame about the weather. I thought you were in the ‘tropical’ South! That garden is pretty big, though looking at the ‘lawn’, I now realise why they call them ‘The Yard’. Perhaps you could lay that swirly green carpet out there? Either that or drop some Acid Tabs, as that carpet does look like a good trip!
    Nice to have the fireplace, once you get the chimney sweep in. Or you could send little man up there, wrapped in kitchen roll!
    Great to see you (literally) moving on Sophie. I hope that Steve recovers fully, and that the thaw will soon be with you.
    As ever, Pete. XX

    • Ha ha Pete you made me laugh out loud 🙂 Laying the carpet out there doesn’t seem like a bad idea 🙂 saves us mowing it AND moves it from the house ha ha. Love the new photo by the way x

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