That British Chick

Hi, *waves* I’m Sophie, also known as Soph, mummy, *insert pet names*  or “that British chick”

Yup, I’m a Brit, living across the pond and have been building my nest in North Carolina for the past year.

To get here I sacrificed an amazing job and the physical closeness of my friends and family- not to mention the familiar comforts of “home” – the things we do for love eh? So I really am starting a fresh over here which is both daunting and incredibly exciting.

So far I’ve made some great friends, amazing memories and learnt some American ways (and words – though I refuse to change the way I spell things ha ha)  We have a new addition to the family in the form of a MinPin named Toby, are in the process of buying a house and I’ve started my own small business – so you could say I’m pretty settled here 🙂 It definitely feels more like home now.

This blog is somewhere for me to document my thoughts, goals and accomplishments, and a way to share the journey of…well…me – that British Chick – across the pond.


27 thoughts on “That British Chick

  1. (Ahhh…Sighs contentedly…) She’s back on the blog, where the girl belongs. XX

  2. Welcome to the US. Glad to have a fellow Brit alongside the good few who are here.

  3. You are very good writer! We are all in sone waybinternational here in the US, one thing you will learn is how diverse this place can be.. just have to see it. Good luck xo G

  4. I’m so interested by accents. Do you consider Americans to have a strong accent?

    • Definitely. Some more than others of course. When my husband speaks to his dad I can’t understand a word of it (Mississippi) but most of our friends I’ve gotten used to listening to – I think with them it’s a case of different words we all use for the same thing- or the pronunciation ie aluminum/aluminium

      • Rats and a Heifer! That is so interesting. So, there is an American accent besides a New York or Southern one?

        • Ha ha apparently so. My stepmother is from Jamaica originally but has lived in America for god knows how long so her accent changes depending on her mood, my step brother has a strong Jamaican accent despite living in Miami and my father is in Florida but now sounds Australian. Aside from the mixture of two accents merging into a new one I have met many people (through the airforce) born and raised all over the states and their accents differ wildly from one person to the next 🙂

  5. City Girl at the Edge

    I’m excited to have found you. Of course, my dream is to fall in love and move abroad :). So, I shall live vicariously through your blog, though you here!

  6. City Girl at the Edge

    oops! Though you “moved” here.

  7. Congrats Sophie, you’re one of my selections for the Liebster Award! If you choose to accept the nomination follow this link back to my blog post.

    I know some view this as a “chain letter”. I think it’s an awesome way to share more about ourselves and learn about new blogs. Either way congrats and happy bloggin’!

    • Thank you very much 🙂 I’ve been away from the blog for a few weeks thanks to illness so I’ll check yours out and do my thank you post when I’m feeling healthier 🙂

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