Categories 101

I expect over time these categories will grow, for now here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect in the existing ones – with a few links thrown in for good measure 😉

Writing Challenge

I find writing (or typing) my thoughts very therapeutic. These days I can’t commit the time (or physical energy) to keep a regular diary/journal-esque blog – which frustrates me. However, participating in the occasional Writing Challenge will allow for a little more of “me” mixed with even more creativity 😉

Crafty Chick

A few months after moving here I started crafting – painting is a given for me but crafting…well it’s always been quite experimental. Crafty Chick documents the crafty highs and lows – and bits in between; whether old, new or pipeline dreams


‘Where’s your blogroll?’ I hear you cry….it’s there, don’t worry -Down the bottom, on the right->

I’ve split a few of my favourite bloggers into separate headings:

A day in the life of…. The day to day musings I just can’t do without

Crafty Bloggers….. Pretty self explanatory don’t you think?

Make sure you check them out – you won’t regret it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Categories 101

  1. I am just now seeing this. ❤ I am so bad about logging in, on a real computer, and it's hard to find blog posts via "smart" phone. (reading blogs at work. shhhhhhhh) Right now, I am clicking on your blog posts. *click* *click* *click* haha!

  2. I have only just noticed this at the top, after all this time!
    Thanks for the run-down Sophie.
    As ever, Pete. XX

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